Hop to it!

People seem to have an unlimited capacity for thinking up ways to spend time.

Who would have thought there was a rabbit hopping competition?

In Czech Town Hosts Rabbit Hopping European Championship we read that “Breeders from the Czech Republic, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland arrived with their hopping rabbits” for the third European rabbit hopping championship. It took place in a stadium, and 105 rabbits competed in four disciplines.

Czech breeder Lenka Spilerova’s Rambo won the long distance jump (and beat the Czech record), jumping 265 centimetres.

Hilton, owned by Swedish breeder Fia Eriksson, won the high jump, jumping over a bar 90 centimetres from the ground.

According to the article, Sweden has a 30-year tradition of rabbit hopping competitions, and more people train rabbits than dogs there. A special breed is used for hopping, but practically any rabbit can compete. A rabbit can learn to hop within a month, and people need six to twelve months to learn how to lead a rabbit.