Today marks the end of my eighth year in my present home. It would be a pretty insignificant milestone if not for the fact that I’ve moved around so much in my lifetime that eight years is the longest time I’ve lived in one place since I left my parents’ home to begin my working life, 43 years ago this month.

I’ve just done a quick calculation. I’ve lived in 23 places in that 43 years, which averages out at nearly two years per place. I spent about four months overseas in 1985 and 1986 in two separate trips; although I actually moved out of my homes on those occasions I’ve ignored those periods in my calculation. Adding them would make the average even worse.

The next longest period in one place is about four years, so I’ve passed my previous record by a considerable amount. When I realised a year or two ago that I’d lived here longer than anywhere else I was rather startled because it seemed to show a restlessness that I never knew I had.

I think I’ll settle here :D.

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