Spick and Span

Nick Spick and Stan Span had been the best of friends since they met at primary school. They were always playing together as kids, and remained great friends all through school. Later, they both married and the two couples would go down to the pub at weekends to have a drink and a chat. Stan owned a disco and sometimes they would go there on Friday nights for dancing and free drinks.

Sadly, one night when Nick and his wife were driving home after an evening at the disco, an out-of-control truck crashed into their car. Nick’s wife was injured, but Nick was killed instantly.

In Heaven, Nick was feeling lonely without his best friend, so he went to the Angel Gabriel and asked if he could go back for a final farewell. At the same time Stan, also very lonely, said a little prayer asking to see his old friend one last time.

Understanding the strong friendship between the two, Gabriel allowed Nick one last visit to see his friend, for one night only. “The only condition is that you must take your wings, your golden harp and your halo with you, and you must bring them back.” Nick agreed, and chose to visit Stan on a Friday at the disco.

It happened to be a fancy dress night, so Nick decided to leave his halo and wings on, and blended in as just another partygoer. Stan was overjoyed and in tears when his best friend walked up to him. During the evening many drinks were ordered and old times talked over, and they went out for a final jive on the dance floor.

At closing time Nick hugged Stan goodbye, walked out the door and was whisked back up to Heaven, where he thanked Gabriel for the chance to see his old friend.

“No worries,” Gabriel said, “Now, I just need to check that you’ve not left anything behind.”

Nick replied, “Yep, I’ve got my wings… my halo… Oh no! I’ve left my harp in Stan Span’s disco.”