Shackleton’s Hut

Ernest Shackleton led the 1907-1909 British Imperial Antarctic Expedition (also known as the Nimrod Expedition after the transport ship). At Cape Royds, at the McMurdo Sound end of Ross Island, the party built a hut, which has now been restored and its contents catalogued. The hut is not far from present-day Scott Base (NZ) and McMurdo Station (USA). Looking at photos of the interior and a plan of the hut, it seems incredible that fifteen men called it home. Only Shackleton had a separate room. They must have got to know each other very well.

In this video we see Antarctic Heritage Trust conservators at work. Although it’s over 100 years since the hut was built it looks like the occupants just stepped out for a while and will soon be back. It’s a fascinating glimpse into Antarctic exploration history.

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